Dr. Dror Green, Online Psychotherapist

Welcome to the Academy of Thought                                                 

Ideas and innovations were always created by individuals, but since the Greek Academy of Plato and Aristotle there is no place for thinkers to support and inspire each other. 

This does not mean that creative minds are not needed anymore. People who create new thoughts are needed in industry and science, education, business and diplomacy. New ideas are continuously created by individuals who work separately on private projects or employed by industrial concerns. Other thoughts and ideas are created by individuals who has no resources to develop and realize them. 

The Academy of Thought is a meeting place where expert thinkers can share their thoughts, support each other, learn from one another, teach their own methods of thinking and raise funds together. 

This website is based on a unique environment (em-space) that includes all means of online communication (online and offline interactions, forums, chat-rooms, video-chat) and documentation (libraries of texts and videos) in a safe and secured place. The site is open for members only, who can communicate with each other and also create teir own unique groups. In this environment, members can discuss and develop ideas, consult with each other, give seminars and arrange conferences. 

The Academy of Thought consists on 8 colleges in fields that are relevant to the new world order of the 21st century: College of information and communication; College of science and technology; College of social interactions; College of ecology; College of alternative energy; College of learning and education; College of culture and art; College of thought. 

If you are an expert thinker in one of these fields, and would like to join the Academy of Thought, please write to me, tell me about your expertise and the college you would like to join, and I will send you your password (drorgreen@gmail.com)


I look forward to meeting you in the Academy of Thought    

                                                                              Dr. Dror Green